Friday, February 3, 2012

i want....

okay, so my camera is still being a not-so-nice inanimate object soooo here are some really rad items that I WANT REALLY BAD.ROLLER GIRL flashdance rollerskate derby Lolita romper - graffiti print - front zipper sz S M
roller girl flashdance rollerskate derby lolita romper  from Johnny Bombshell 

SUMMER DAYDREAM vintage Europe day dress - full skirt - light green cotton cloud print sz 8 10 M

summer daydream vintage Europe day dress from Johnny Bombshell

GOTHIC ROMANCE vintage disco party dress - black - full skirt - chiffon trim xs s
gothic romance vintage disco party dress from Johnny Bombshell

FABULOUS FEATHER PRINT vibrant vintage dress - disco glam - full skirt - sz s m
fabulous feather print vibrant vintage dress from Johnny Bombshell

ELEGANT vintage disco dress - peek a boo empire - full skirt - GYPSY GLAM - fireworks - xs s
elegant vintage disco dress from Johnny Bombshell

MAD ABOUT PLAID lumberjack-girl hourglass dress Universal Studios mod grunge tartan sz M
mad about plaid lumberjack-girl hourglass dress fromJohnny Bombshell

so yeah, enjoy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

technological difficulties

this is me... yup.
Hello again guys! So my camera is being a buttface and refusing to sync with my computer right now, so I have no fashion eye candy for you today. *sadface* INSTEEEAD I'm going to post some pics of my artwork to keep you entertained or whatever. I do realistic portraits, mostly, and I do graphite and charcoal drawings and oil paintings. I'm also beginning to dabble in collage (ooh, i like that word... dabble... heehee) ANYWAYYS here you go.
based on Elle Fanning's photo shoot in Teen Vogue  February 2011 

Self portrait of me on trapeze. I take circus arts and aerial dance classes at a local studio.

I drew my hand drawing a self-portrait... yeah...

self portrait
So yeah! enjoy, and hopefully my camera will be nice tomorrow so I can actually, like, post pictures that aren't a year old.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

first post!!

That girl. You know the one. The girl who dresses weird. The one who is noticeably different. She cuts up her t-shirts without the bat of an eyelash, and she comes up with combinations that most girls wouldn’t dream of wearing, but still somehow work. That’s me. Well, to some extent. I don’t even dress that outlandishly, when compared to some other fashion bloggers. But when you live in a town where Uggs and Hollister are the norm and the highest end store in the mall is American Eagle, originality is pretty hard to come by. So I’m That Girl. I can spend hours without end in a thrift store and be completely content; I have a sewing machine in my room and I study DIY books and sites like the friggin bible. I am Lizzy, and I love fashion. Welcome to my blog.

I write about what I like. I’ll try to make this mainly fashion oriented, but I’ll probably put in the occasional book or music review or pissed off teenage life-isn’t-fair-and-I-hate-everybody rant. Bear with me. There will be outfit pictures to be shared and DIY tutorials to be demonstrated. Please feel free to comment! Just don’t be a jerk. I’m still figuring this whole blog thing out, so I repeat: bear with me. It will get better.

So that’s my intro to le blog: let’s get down to business. I just scored a bunch of awesome tees from the reject/misprint pile at Shirtworks, a cute little screen printing company in town. I’m totally going to town on these… pictures to be posted soon. I have a couple of DIYs up my sleeve that I hope to share soon, so hopefully those will be up by the end of the week. So I’m going to see what I can do with those tees. Bye for now!